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Who we are

Employment Ontario York is powered by WCG Services. WCG brings together Service Providers and other local stakeholders in the York region to create innovative approaches to help people gain job-related skills, find meaningful employment and to keep working.

Our Promise to You:

We will serve you:

  • We aim to serve you in your first language (if we can’t, we’ll find someone who can)
  • Return your call within 1 business day any time you contact us

We aim to get you hired:

  • Help with your Job Search, Application, and Interviews
  • Resume within 2 weeks
  • Access to the Hidden Job Market through our extensive network and connections

We aim to keep you employed:

  • Financial support*
  • Continued Support to keep you employed
*For those eligible

Our services include

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Learning management

Custom learning courses focusing on developing professional skills, communication, best management practices and more.

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Better Jobs Ontario

Training and financial support to help laid-off workers find high-demand work. Individuals may qualify for up to $28,000 to pay for tuition and expenses.

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About WCG

As an organization dedicated to the belief in the power of work and the hope it brings individuals and families, WCG has a proud history of collaborating with over 120 service providers since 1994 to enable high impact program delivery with a focus on evidence-based outcomes. The priority is to connect more workers to good paying jobs and to encourage job creation.

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