Why Employment Ontario York

Employment Ontario York helps people find work.
Work gives hope, creates a sense of belonging and has the power to change lives for the better.

Finding the right job can be life-changing.
Especially if you have barriers like a disability, a lack of experience, are new to the area or have been out of the workforce for a while. We provide access to resources, services, and programs to help reduce those barriers.

If you are looking to hire in the region of York or surrounding areas, Employment Ontario York can connect you with your next great hire, and get them ready to work, at no cost to you.

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Better jobs Ontario Apprenticeship programs

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Find employees and keep them

If you are looking to hire in the region of Peel or surrounding areas, Employment Ontario Peel can connect you with ready to work jobseekers. You’ll also receive employee retention support from Employment Ontario York, so you and your new employee get off to the best start together.

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Meeting the needs of Jobseekers and Employers

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Providing the tools and resources you need to land the right job and
excel in your career.

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Workforce Development Professionals

Helping workforce professionals advance and excel in their careers through certifications and
tools for advancement.

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Helping employers build and
maintain a motivated, healthy, and
inclusive workforce.

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