Connecting with other Ministry assets

Connecting with other Ministry assets

When you hire an eligible job seeker through Employment Ontario, your business can access a government-funded wage subsidies.

Employment Ontario is a recruitment experience that connects employers and job seekers, powered by WCG Services.

As Canada’s largest provider of employment services for people with disabilities, WCG can help you access these Canadian government’s financial incentives.

To qualify for wage subsidies, you must hire a job seeker enrolled in the Employment Services for Persons with Disabilities program, which helps people with injuries, illnesses, or disabilities find and keep jobs.

Grants are also available for job seekers through the Jobactive program.

There are two main types of wage subsidies applicable to job seekers with disabilities:

Wage Subsidies – most employers who hire a job seeker with a qualifying disability can access up to $1,650. This can increase depending on the individual job seeker.

Other applicable wage subsidies for job seekers enrolled in the jobactive program are:

Restart Wage Subsidy – your business can access up to $10,000 by hiring an eligible job seeker aged 50 years or older.

Indigenous Grant Program – your business can access up to $10,000 when hiring an Indigenous job seeker.

Youth Grant Program – access a grant of up to $6,500 when you hire a job seeker aged 25-29 years.

Youth Bonus Grant Program – up to $10,000 when hiring a job seeker between the ages of 15 and 24 years.

Parent Grant Program – up to $6,500 when hiring a primary caregiver.

The job you offer must meet the minimum employment standards for that position, have a reasonable expectation of continuing for more than 13 weeks and meet the following criteria:

– Minimum 8 hours per week for 13 weeks (Disability Employment Wage Subsidy)

– Minimum 20 hours per week for 6 months (all other wage subsidies)

The following types of jobs are not eligible:

– Commission-based

– Sub-contractor

– Self-employment

– Working for an immediate family member

– Work that displaces an existing employee

When you hire a job seeker through Employment Ontario, an Employment Consultant will guide you through the wage subsidy process. They will discuss your company’s eligibility and simplify the application process for you. To be eligible for wage subsidies, your business must:

– Have a registered business number

– Have never received a wage subsidy for the same person

– Not be a federal, provincial, or territorial government agency

– Offer employment that is expected to be ongoing

– Offer employment that meets national employment standards

In addition to helping you access wage subsidies, your employment consultant will coach your new employee with:

– Identifying their strengths and work abilities

– Developing skills for employment and being part of a workplace

– Ongoing information and support to set them up for success when they start a new job

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