The benefits of inclusivity in the workplace

The benefits of inclusivity in the workplace

An inclusive workplace is one where everyone feels safe, respected, accepted and comfortable being themselves.

In an inclusive workplace, everyone’s voice is heard.

The benefits of inclusivity in the workplace

Research has found a direct correlation between diversity and inclusion, and business performance. Inclusion is how a diverse workforce is able to thrive. Here are nine ways inclusivity can benefit your organization:

Inclusion creates happiness. It’s only natural that people who feel accepted, heard and respected will be happier at work.

Inclusion enhances productivity. When people feel heard, they are more motivated. Research suggests that an inclusive team will be 35% more productive.

Inclusion breeds knowledge. The more diverse the range of people you have in your organization, the more knowledge and different perspectives you have access to. Fresh new approaches often help with tackling challenges and driving growth.

Inclusion fosters innovation and creativity. A workplace that embraces and respects diversity and difference is bound to produce new ways of thinking and doing – which can fuel growth. A Deloitte research study found that inclusive workplaces saw an 83% improvement in their ability to innovate.

Inclusion enhances teamwork. Happier, more productive employees will naturally work better with the people around them. An inclusive culture that respects the perspectives and voices of everyone is more likely to have strong team collaboration. Research has shown that more diverse and inclusive workplaces experience a 42% improvement in team collaboration.

Inclusion improves customer experience. Diversity is a natural part of the world we live in. An inclusive workplace with a more diverse employee base is better equipped to serve, empathize with and respond to customers.

Inclusion improves problem solving and conflict resolution. Just as ‘many hands make light work’, many different perspectives make for more effective problem solving and conflict resolution. A diverse and inclusive workplace will be naturally better able to solve the business problems of today and tomorrow.

Inclusion enhances talent engagement and retention. As well as opening up a wider pool of talent to consider, a workplace that embraces and celebrates diversity will be a more attractive proposition for potential candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Inclusion improves reputation. A more diverse and inclusive workplace will enjoy better brand reputation and customer loyalty and enhanced procurement and tendering opportunities.

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