When Felicia came to Achev last year, she faced a few barriers to employment. She was unsure of how to search for a job in Canada, didn’t have a resume, and had a physical disability that caused some mobility issues. Despite the challenges, Felicia was eager to become financially independent to provide a better life for her and her daughter.


Did you know?

In Canada, 22% of people identify as having a disability (approximately 8 million). Many disabled people are ready and able to meet the demands of the workplace, with up to 50% holding post-secondary diplomas and degrees.


The dedicated and friendly team at Achev helped Felicia explore her skills, experience, and interests. They referred her to webinars, workshops, and hiring events that helped increase her skills and boost her confidence. Felicia identified her interest in the food and hospitality industry. Achev was able to assist her in completing the Smart Serve course, and Felicia was thrilled to receive her certificate.

When Felicia was invited to interviews, her career specialist helped her prepare with mock interviews and preparation exercises. Before long, Felicia landed a job at a well-known hotel in Toronto!

The support didn’t stop just because Felicia landed a job. Achev and Employment Ontario were able to assist with expenses like work clothes and transportation costs.

Felicia is excited to be building the independent life she wanted and is so happy to be working in the industry of her choice. She says,


“I would recommend anyone needing assistance to help build their confidence in job search, resume building, or the certificates needed to land the job you want reach out to Achev Brampton East location they great and they care.” Congratulations!