When Paul was referred to Employment Ontario, he was in a difficult situation. He was unemployed and homeless, and because his shelter could not accommodate animals, he’d been forced to put his beloved dog, Pluto, into foster care.

The team at The Bennett Edge, a service provider within the WCG network, started creating a job development plan immediately. The process began with an intake meeting where Paul indicated that because of his ADHD and some symptoms of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, he was better able to work in positions where he was alone, that involved fast-paced work with his hands, and that challenged him on a daily basis.

About a month later, the job development team learned of an opportunity at Allseating Corporation in Mississauga. The position required someone with excellent manual dexterity who could work quickly and stay independently motivated. A great match for Paul!

The team set to work helping Paul prepare his resume and practice for an interview. They arranged travel support to ensure he could get to the interview and, if successful, could afford transportation to and from work. When the day of the interview came, Paul was ready, and he did exceptionally well. The HR manager hired him in a full-time role as a Base Assembler. Paul began work a week later, and the process of rebuilding his life was underway. Paul says his biggest motivation was getting Pluto back; now he had hope!

Over the next several months, The Bennett Edge stayed in close contact with Paul and his employers. They set up phone conversations and numerous on-site visits for an employment retention specialist to ensure he had the skills and support needed to succeed in the long run.

As of August 2022, Paul had been employed with Allseating for a full year. The hiring manager described how Paul became one of the company’s biggest assets over that year. Best of all, Paul was able to move into his own apartment and, as a result, was reunited with Pluto, who lives with him again. Paul overcame the barriers he faced and worked hard to provide a better life for himself. We couldn’t be more proud! Paul says,


“If my story can provide hope for even one person, then I feel like I did a really good job.”