When Ramy came to VPI Working Solutions in late 2021, he was in a difficult situation. He was underemployed, meaning he had a job, but it wasn’t suitable given his education and area of interest. Ramy had a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from his home country but lacked relevant industry experience in Canada.

Ramy met with his Employment Counselor, who reviewed and helped him edit his resume to highlight his transferrable skills. The Employment Counselor also provided resources and short courses to enhance Ramy’s skills in Logistics Management.


Did you know?
Employment Ontario isn’t just for folks who are unemployed. If you have a job but feel that it doesn’t match your education or experience level, we can help you promote your transferrable skills and build your resume to find the RIGHT job.


The VPI team helped Ramy find Logistics Management jobs that matched his skills and interests and prepared him for interviews. His Employment Counselor followed up to make sure they learned valuable lessons from interviews that were not successful.

Before long, Ramy was offered a full-time job in Logistics! But the story doesn’t end there. VPI continued to work with Ramy through his transition into the role, ensuring that he received training in any areas that needed improvement.

That’s part of what makes Employment Ontario great. It’s not just about finding you a job. It’s about finding (and Keeping) the RIGHT Job!